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Socii® is a socially conscious streetwear brand

launched in November 2020 that aims to raise

money and awareness for a number of diverse

charities and causes. Socii means "friend or

ally" and is used to describe friendly or

diplomatic bonds and interactions between

multiple parties. The idea for Socii® was

inspired in part by the attention to the Black

Lives Matter movement in 2020 and the

awareness it brought to the difficulties that

millions of people face in their everyday lives.

At Socii®, we see ourselves as allies of our

world. We take great pride in promoting

diversity and equality by providing quality

streetwear for people who are passionate about

fashion and also want to represent a brand with

vision and purpose. In short, the main idea of

Socii® is compassion—for our society, for our

planet and for the people in the world that need

it most.

We recognize that everybody has different

values and beliefs, which is why we allow our

customers to choose from a wide variety of

causes when purchasing our clothing. If you like

what we're doing and you have money to spare,

help us grow by donating directly to our cause


Love Over Everything

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