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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Our team couldn’t be more psyched about the launch of our brand and we hope you feel compelled to jump on board! We will be featuring underground artists in this blog, as well as reveal new products and collections.

The idea for Socii® was inspired in part by the recent focus on the Black Lives Matter movement and the awareness it has brought to the difficulties millions of people face in their everyday lives. We are proud to provide quality streetwear for those who are passionate about fashion. We love streetwear! More importantly though, our brand has a vision and a purpose other than just making dope clothes. We understand the world we live in can be a very divisive and hostile place, especially for those less fortunate. So in our preliminary stages of construction, our main focus was to figure out how we could raise money and awareness for various causes in the best way possible. This is where we came up with The 50/50 Project. We are here to help support those who are most in need and spread a positive message of compassion and goodwill, and we are looking for allies who want to join us in the fight against hate, oppression, and greed.

Upon checkout for the majority of our products, you will be prompted to choose a charity. The organization you choose will receive half the proceeds from your purchase. Additionally, you will get to rep the charity you chose to support on your new shirt, hat, etc. with a label representing that cause. These are hand-sewn on all of our Merch affiliated with The 50/50 Project. Before you buy, make sure you check out all of the organizations we are currently working to support on the Active Charities page in our home menu.

Stay Woke.


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