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veteran aid


Wounded Warrior Project

The WWP supports the journey to recovery for those veterans and service members who suffered a physical or mental injury, illness or wound on or after September 11, 2001. Their programs and services are offered free of charge and include career and VA benefits counseling, peer support, and physical and mental health care. They also advocate for changes to policy and legislation impacting veterans’ mental health, access to community care, research for brain injuries, toxic exposures, transition assistance benefits and more. Learn more at WOUNDEDWARRIORPROJECT.ORG

Operation Second Chance

The mission of Operation Second Chance is to provide support for former members of the armed services while they transition to civilian life. They also aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of wounded servicemen and women, coordinate the modification of housing to accommodate disabled vets, and assist families of wounded soldiers. Learn more at OPERATIONSECONDCHANCE.ORG

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